About Meter-Treater



Meter-Treater was started in 1986 as a two person business out of a garage.  It has now become one of the longest running, independently owned surge protection manufacturing businesses in the USA.  We are proud to say that we are the inventors of the meter-based surge protection device. 



 Meter-Treater's helpful and courteous staff of Customer Service and Technical Support Representatives are available to assist you with your Surge Protection needs.

Our technical support staff consists of a group of engineers and industry professionals with over 129 years of combined experience, which guarantees the most accurate resolution to your support needs.


Quality Assurance

 All of our products receive a thorough quality control test and performance test before leaving our facility, ensuring the highest performance and safety for installers and users. 

Fully Equipped Testing Facility


Companies evaluating surge protectors are invited to verify the performance of any of the products under consideration at our high energy test lab. Your personnel can operate the equipment and personally verify that the product(s) meet the power companies specifications. Potential safety and fire hazards can be identified under real high energy tests BEFORE a product is sent into the field. Companies can better substantiate their choice of the METER-TREATER® after seeing how it performs against high energy lightning type surges. ​



Meter-Treater provides Group Training Seminars for participating customers. Surge protection training improves utility personnel awareness and enthusiasm in the program. Installation training helps improve safety consciousness, speeds up installation time to as little as two minutes per meter can, and answers the most often asked installation questions.